Lisa Call

Parker, Colorado, United States

I design and create vivid geometric abstract contemporary quilts.

I work in series with an element, or motif, unifying the separate works within a collection. Look for one or more "E" shapes in the Structures quilts and highchairs in the Chairs series, which began when my children were young. The motif is more recognizable in some work than in others as the size, shape and composition evolves over time. Color is of primary importance and is combined, intuitively, in unexpected ways, employing a unique palette of cotton fabrics I hand dye.

It can take weeks or months to make a single quilt, as the individual elements in the composition are freehand cut, one at a time, without a pattern. They are then placed onto a flannel-covered studio wall, where I work improvisationally, planning as I construct. The design continues to mature as the pieces are manipulated so they can be sewn together. Extensive machine stitching adds rich texture to the work by echoing the shapes underneath or by creating a complementary secondary pattern on the surface.

Structures #30 © 2004 Lisa Call
 Structures #30
 28"h x 48"w
Structures #38 © 2005 Lisa Call
Structures #38
43"h x 42"w
Structures #13 © 2005 Lisa Call
Structures #13
35"h x 44"w
Structures #10 © 2004 Lisa Call
Structures #10
35"h x 52"w

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