Clare Smith

Wellington, New Zealand

I have a background in the biological sciences and my quilts often reflect this. Lately I have been working on a series in which I am looking at human genetics and family history. The quilts are based on 'utility quilts' or 'Waggas' as they are known in Australia. These were made of discarded clothing often sewn onto old curtains and padded with wool or even old sacks.

The series 'Layers of Lives' looks at family, environment and personal choice. It's that old 'Nature versus Nurture' debate I suppose.




Layer of Lives: Environment © 2003 Clare Smith
Layer of Lives: Environment
67"h x 48"w
Layers of Lives: Inheritance © 2003 Clare Smith
Layers of Lives: Inheritance
88"h x 67"w
'X' marks the Spot © 2003 Clare Smith
'X' marks the Spot
55"h x 60"w
Cloaks for the Genetic Underclasses © 2000 Clare Smith
Cloaks for the Genetic
Underclasses: beta, gamma
and delta
51"h x 57"w each

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