Barbara Jade Triton

Brooklyn, New York, United States

As an artist living and working in NYC, I am surrounded by a constant and unrelenting aural and visual urban cacophony. My work explores this environment by visually exposing a web woven with threads, of conversations, signs, flyers, newspapers, arguments, sirens, machinery as well as my own streams of thought, that we all get tied into. In particular, we get tangled in the written word in all forms, through the mail, on our computer, in the form of billboards, and flyers handed to us as we walk down the street. Books, newspapers, and magazines of all kinds are everywhere we turn. All of these words and language have an impact on our lives in many ways, conveying everything from communication and interaction to isolation and inability to express oneself. I am interested in investigating urban life, especially how our lives intersect with language.

I work primarily on hand dyed and painted textiles, using various printed (stenciled, stamped as well as painted) text as imagery and visual elements. The photographs I use are integrated into the work to speak to context, both literal and metaphorical. These images and textiles are so connected with our everyday lives; they bring to mind our regular activities, our work and our hobbies. Like the clothes we wear they are a form of expression, but are also warm and inviting symbols of our connections with other people, and our communications and expressions.

Arch (Brooklyn Series) © 2005 Barbara Jade Triton
 Arch (Brooklyn Series)
 21"h x 16"w
Fence (Brooklyn Series) © 2005 Barbara Jade Triton
 Fence (Brooklyn Series)
 14"h x 14"w
Green Ritual © 2004 Barbara Jade Triton
Green Ritual
32.75"h x 17.75"w
Small City of One © 2003 Barbara Jade Triton
Small City of One
11"h x 8"w

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